Packing Made Easy

Packing Made Easy


You can decide how much you actually want to do in the moving process.  If you hate packing and unpacking, there are other options.  D.C. Moore & Son, Inc. can help you pack your belongings and even provide the needed suupplies like cardboard boxes and bubble wraps.  There is no reason to tackle the moving process on your own.  We are professionals in the moving industry and have many years of experience.  Reach out to us today.  You have nothing to lose.

Packing Supplies

We Have Packing Materials

Whether you’re moving or just packing things away for some time in storage, we have the packing and moving supplies you need.  Our moving boxes are “mover grade” which means that they’re built to take a beating and survive months and even years in storage.  We also have a great selection of products that will help protect your belongings for moving and storage such as tape, mattress covers, bubble wrap, and much more.

Storage is Covered

Many times when people are moving, there is some time in between leaving the current place before moving to the new location.  In that time, it can be difficult to find affordable storage facilities for such a short amount of time.  If you fall into this category D.C. Moore & Son, Inc. can help!  we are not just movers.  Our mission is to provide any service you could need during the moving process.  For that reason, we offer storage space where you can keep you stuff before we tote it to your new home.

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